An area of sublime ecological significance, Borneo is a haven of spectacular natural beauty, where the unique landscape and charming island inhabitants will leave you enchanted and astonished.


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Sightseeing Tours – Allow one of the local tour guides to show you around the towns and resorts of Borneo.  Take in all the popular places to visit and historical attractions that Borneo has to offer.

Poring Hot Springs – Set amidst a backdrop of lush tropical greenery you will find the steaming waters of the Poring Hot Springs.  Relax in the warm waters of the stone pools and enjoy the natural beauty

Danum Valley Rainforest – An inspiring sight and home to many species of wildlife, the Danum Valley Rainforest is a once in a lifetime viewing experience.

Crocker Range National Park – A quiet nature area, away from the main tourist areas.  Crocker Range offers stunning natural scenery and breathtaking views.

Kinabalu National Park – A thrilling expanse of natural landscapes, tropical scenery and wildlife, Kinabalu National Park is also home to Mount Kinabalu, one of Borneo’s premier tourist trails.

Gomantong Caves – An expansive collection of caves measuring upto 90m high, the Gomantong Caves are home to a host of birds and bats.  A must see on your Borneo adventure.

Turtle Island – A trip to Selingan Island will bring you into contact with these amazing creatures.  Home to the Hawksbill and Green Turtles, you can witness thess majestic sea creatures as they nest on the island’s beaches.

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Orangutan Sanctuary – Take a trip to Borneo’s famous Orangutan Sanctuary and see these endangered creatures in their natural habitat.

White-water Rafting – A thrilling holiday activity, white water rafting tales place on many of the fast flowing rivers through Borneo. A great way to see the sites and get an adrenaline rush on the way down

Proboscis Monkey – The rare Proboscis Monkey makes it’s home in the forests of Borneo.  Take a trek through the jungle and admire these creatures and the luscious landscapes.

Mountain Climbing – Plenty of mountains and rock faces await the more adventurous holiday maker, such as Mount Kinabalu.  Mountain treks are a great way to see more of Borneo.

River Safaris – Take a slow ride along the Kinabantang River and take in the natural scenery and wildlife with a Rover Safari

Diving – The waters around Borneo are teeming with life and offer superb diving.  Plenty of wrecks and popular dive sites are available to beginners and more experienced divers.

Watersports – Borneo’s warm blue waters are perfect for a host of exciting watersports.  Jet skiing, banana boats, parasailing, kiteboarding and more are readily available.  For a quieter experience, charter a bout and head out for a spot of fishing.

Spa – Relax and unwind in this tropical setting.  A visit to the one of the Spa facilities will enable you to rejuvenate the body with luxury treatments, saunas and steam baths.

Shopping – The local markets found across Borneo are popular with tourists for souvenirs and mementos of their Borneo holidays