Discover some of the world’s most beautiful, ivory beaches with a holiday to the East Coast of Malaysia, a haven of secluded and intimate island retreats.


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Weather Charts for the East coast of Malaysia
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Beaches – Each of the resorts and islands along the East Coast of Malaysia feature an array of beautiful golden beaches.  From your holiday hotspots in the likes of Terengganu, Tioman and Redang, you can bathe in the glorious sunshine amidst the beautiful tropical beach scenery.

Pulau Redang Marine Park – Resorts on the small islands in the area, the largest being Redang,  are fond of taking guests to the Marine Park.  Home to thousands of fish who flock to the shore expecting food as the snorkelers enter the water.  Watch these beautifully coloured creatures close-up as they feed.

Island Tours – Explore more of the East Coast with an island tour.  Hop on board and sail around the islands exploring the sights and sounds and enjoy the breathtaking views of these relatively undisturbed islands.

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Diving – Popular amongst Malaysia’s east coast resorts and islands is diving.  The warm waters are teeming with wildlife, with dive sites available for all levels of experience.  Professional dive training is also available for the first time diver.

Fishing trips – With such an abundant marine life, it’s hardly surprising that seafishing is a popular pastime.  Tourists holidaying in Tioman and Redang can embark on day trips out to sea and enjoy the serene settings whilst waiting for a bite.

Watersports – many of Malaysia’s east coast resorts offer an array of exciting watersports.  Enjoy taking to the warm waters with a spot of windsurfing and waterskiing amongst other fun activities.

Canoeing – The calm waters around Pulau Redang are perfect for exploring.  Many people choose to take a kayak or canoe and slowly meander through the clear waters and see what they can see!

Jungle trek – Malaysia itself and many of it’s East Coast resorts are filled with tropical rainforests and jungle canopies.  Take a guided tour through the luscious tropical landscapes and be astonished at the breathtaking views and abundant wildlife on display.

Turtles – During the May to September season, Pulau Tioman is home to the nesting Sea Turtles.  Watch as these majestic creatures take to the sands and bbury their eggs on the beach before heading back out to sea!