The second-largest city in Vietnam, Hanoi is also the country’s cultural, academic and administrative capital city.


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Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum – The most recognized and popular leader of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, known by the Vietnamese as ‘Uncle Ho’ rests here.  His body is preserved in a glass case, on display for the many tourists and locals who wish to pass through and pay their respects to this historical figure.

Maison Centrale – Now a museum of artifacts reflecting the anti-French movement, Maison Centrale was nicknamed the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ by American POW’s back when it was a large prison.

Museum of Ho Chi Minh – Enjoy a tour of the Ho Chi Minh museum, where you’ll find exhibits and artifacts from the life of Vietnams most famous leader. Built in 1990 to commemorate his 100th birthday.

One Pillar Pagoda – A popular Hanoi attraction is the one pillar pagoda. Regarded as one of Vietnam’s most iconic temples, it is built on a concrete pillar, topped with a beautiful wooden pagoda.  Originally constructed in 1049, it was destroyed by the French in 1954 and rebuilt soon after.

Temple of Literature – One of Hanoi’s most stunning historic attractions. The Temple of Literature is considered one of the best preserved examples of traditional architecture and dates back to 1070.

The Tran Quoc Pagoda – One of the country’s oldest Pagodas, the Tran Quoc Pagoda can be found on an island in the West Lake.  A popular sight amongst Hanoi’s tourists and there are a few restaurants and bars over looking the lake.

Hanoi Old Quarter – An area that remains untouched by modern influence, Hanoi’s Old Town is a picture of how life used to be.  An area packed with colonial architecture, pagodas and Buddhist temples, this ancient commercial district is a must see tourist attraction.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – A much visited historical site, the Imperial Citadel was the countries capital city and political centre for a number of centuries.  Now, it is a haven for archaeologists, where many coins, ceramics, relics from all over Asia have been found along side new discoveries of roads and ponds that surround this ancient site.

Hanoi Opera House – Home to many performances and productions over the 100 years since it was constructed, the French Colonial design of the Hanoi Opera House is a landmark in the area and a popular attraction for the photo album.

Hoan Kiem Lake -  Located in the centre of Hanoi, Han Kiem is a large lake with a small pagoda set on an island in it’s centre.  A place to relax for locals and tourists alike

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Spa – Indulge in a series of wellness therapies, massages and rejuvenating treatments at one of the many Spas to be found throughout Hanoi

Cooking Class - Learn some of the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine with a course at the Hanoi Cooking Centre.  These half day experiences start with market trips to select ingredients and end with a tasty meal.

Sports & Fitness Centres – Many of the hotels in Hanoi feature fitness centres tha can be used for a fee.  Located near the centre of Hanoi, tennis courts and swimming pools can also be found for those looking for a more active holiday.

Hanoi Zoo – An enjoyable holiday attraction for all the family, Hanoi Zoo is home to a host of larger than life reptiles, fish, birds and mammals in an extensive lakeside park setting.

Water Puppet Theatre – Enjoy a traditional Water Puppet show at one of the puppet theatres.  Skilled puppeteers recreate tales from folklore with intricate wooden puppets that swim and dance upon the water.

Hanoi Water Park - Just north of Hanoi, is the family friendly Hanoi Water Park.  Always busy on a hot day, the park itself features a lazy river, several slides and some great pools.

Central Circus – Introduced by the Russians and set at the end of Lenin park is the tent of the Central Circus.  Enjoy one of the regular performances of high flying antics and more.

Revolutionary Museum – A small museum dedicated to the wars against US and French forces containing many original items and exhibits.

Art Museum - Housing an array of paintings and sculptures displayed alongside artifacts and ceramics from ancient hill tribes. Items and images from the battles with the French and Americans can also be viewed.

History Museum – A museum detailing Vietnamese history from the prehistoric period until the end of the second World War.