Founded during the 17th century and formerly known as Saigon until 1976, Ho Chi Minh City is named after Vietnam’s Marxist revolutionary leader and has become an international symbol for historic and cultural significance.


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Cu Chi Tunnels – A visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels will give you an idea of how Soldiers of the Viet Cong acted during their battles with the French.  Over 120km of narrow interconnecting tunnels are on display for you to crawl along. Explore this vast system and find the hidden trapdoors to the surface, fire an M16 assault rifle, dine like the Viet Cong and take home a souvenir from Cu Chi Tunnels.

Bink Quoi Tourist Village – Built in 1994, Bink Quoi Village is a tailor made attraction for the tourist market. Offering a selection of attractions, from puppet shows to cruises, to entertain all that visit Ho Chi Minh City.

Cholon (Chinatown) – Ho Chi Minh’s Chinatown is located on the district of Cholon and is home to many sites and attractions of significance in the area.  From Ben Thanh market to the Thien Hau Pagoda, there is something for all to see and do.

Giac Lam Pagoda – The oldest and most visited pagoda in Ho Chi Minh, this ancient monument reflects influences from Taoist, Confucian and Buddhist beliefs.

Jade Emperor Pagoda – Dating over 100 years old, this beautiful temple, bathed in bright reds, is a popular tourist attraction.  The intricate design on the outside is complimented by detailed carvings and imagery inside.

Mariamman Hindu Temple – A colourful temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Mariamman and well regarded by non-hindus as it is believed to possess magical powers.

Zoo and Botanical Gardens – Explore the stunning botanical gardens, replete with an array of exotic flowers and trees from across Vietnam.  Visitors will also love a tour of the zoo, where over 100 species of animals reside.

Reunification Palace – The iconic former Presidential Palace is open daily for tours, highlighting the basement tunnels and communications centre.  A must see attraction for those interested in Vietnams history.

The Saigon Opera House – Home to many theatrical performances, ballet and musical shows, the 1800 capacity Opera House is a beautifully restored building that highlights the exquisite architecture and refinement that Ho Chi Minh City has.

Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica – Fans of classical architecture will love the picturesque Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica.  Constructed in the late 1800’s, the Cathedrals 2 spires stand out against the city skyline and it remains a popular destination for tourists.

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Spa Facilities – There are numerous spa facilities across Ho Chi Minh City.  Enter one and subject yourself to a host of rejuvenating treatments.  Find the perfect way to unwind with massage treatments, saunas, Jacuzzis, body scrubs and beauty treatments.

Cookery Courses – Always a great souvenir of your holiday in Vietnam is something you can share.  Across Ho Chi Minh City, there are numerous restaurants offering you the chance to learn the secrets of Vietnamese cooking.  Expert chefs take you on a culinary masterclass into the multicultural blend of flavours that Vientam is famous for.

Water Parks – Adults and Children alike love Ho Chi Minh City’s waterparks.  Enjoy a family day out and find great water slides, wave pools and more at Dam Sen Water Park and Shark Water Park.

Golf – A great holiday destination for the avid golfer, Ho Chi Minh city and the surrounding areas are home to over 10 Golf Clubs and some excellent Championship grade courses.  Enjoy a round or two whilst soaking up the sun and scenery.

Xin Chao Show – Take in a live Xin Chao performance while on your Ho Chi Minh City holiday. This popular theatrical performance is a display of dance, martial arts and acrobatics depicting Vietnamese culture and history.  A must for all the family.

Museums – Explore the varied history of Vietnam at one of its Museum.  At the Ho Chi Minh History Museum, you’ll find displays and exhibits of cultural advances, artifacts from ancient temples, clothing and tools, whilst the War Remnants Museum features displays showing the atrocities of the America/Vietnam conflict.

Cyclo Tour – A great way to explore the historic Ho Chi Min City is on a Cyclo tour.  Be guided around the city at a leisurely pace and pass by colourful temples, exquisite architecture and many historic and iconic sights on these three wheeled cycles.

Ben Thanh Market – The perfect stop for tourists and holiday makers to pick up a souvenir of their time in Ho Chi Min City.  These small market stalls sell all manner of items from clothing to handicrafts.

Cong Vien Van Hoa Park Sports Club – For travelers who like to indulge in sports and similar activities whilst on their holidays, a visit to the Con Vien Van Hoa Park is ideal.  Make use of the swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis and gymnasium facilities and watch the displays of slow motion shadow boxing.

Water Puppet Show – Take in one of Vietnam’s traditional Water Puppet Shows, where the skilled puppeteers re-enact tales from Vietnam folklore using ornate wooden puppets that dance upon the water in a colourful theatre setting,