The capital of the Krabi Province, Krabi is considered a small city with just 18,000 inhabitants, but boasting a thriving tourism industry.


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Wat Tham Sua - One of the most famous caves in Krabi, Wat Tham Sua or Tiger Cave is part of a network of caves inhabited by local Monks. Named from having what appears to be Tiger paw prints etched into the stone walls, the caves are a place of worship in Krabi.  The main attraction is the 1272 step climb to see the ‘Footprint of the Buddha’.

Railay Beaches & Caves - One of Krabis most popular beach locations, Railay is a small, rocky area accessible only by boat.  Remote and cut off from the main area of Krabi, Railay features serene white sand beaches, spectacular views, hidden caves and lagoons.

Krabi Town - Experience a piece of the traditional way of life in Krabi Town.  Not like the other commercial areas of Krabi, the town reclaims it’s own charming personality.  A laid back and welcoming atmosphere can be found here as a break from the more popular beach resorts.

Susan Hoi - A series of fossilized shells dating back 75 million years can be found at Susan Hoi, otherwise referred to as the Shell Fossil Cemetary.  Thousands of freshwater creatures have been perfectly preserved in stone from a time when Krabi was mainly a large freshwater swamp. A great sight for the budding archaeologist.

Mu Koh Lanta – A vast Marine National Park, Mu Koh Lanta is home to a collection of sea creatures, colourful fish and coral formations. Spreading from Krabi and covering up to the Koh Lanta Islands.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park - Enjoy the nature trails and treks through the landscapes of the Khao Phanom Bencha National Park.  Explore the vast jungles and beautiful waterfalls and witness exotic birds and monkeys as they float through the trees.

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Thai Cookery Course – Take home a souvenir of your holidays in Krabi that you can share.  Book yourself onto a cookery course and learn some of the basics of Thai cooking.  Readily available in many resorts and across Krabi.

Scuba Diving – Always a popular holiday activity is Scuba Diving. The reefs surrounding Krabi are perfect for beginners and are home to a wide array of vibrant sea creatures and coral.  Advanced divers can also find excellent dive sites around the surrounding islands.

Spa Treatments – Many relaxing Spas can be found across Krabi. Offering a selection of traditional massage, facial and body scrub treatments using the finest natural products, a day at the Spa will leave you rejuvenated and ready for more Krabi holiday adventures.

Rock Climbing - For a more action packed holiday, Krabi has a host of rock climbing hotspots. Popular among climbers are Railay Beach and Tham Phra Nang, where you wil find limestone cliffs with perfect climbing conditions. Climb guides and tuition can be found at many places on Krabi.

Golf – For the avid golf fan, Krabi hosts one course which is highly recommended by those who have used it. The Pakasai Country Club offers an 18-hole course in beautiful surroundings.

Kayaking - On a coastline made up of beautiful beaches, hidden caves and rock formations, sea kayaking is a very popular holiday activity.  Take a Kayak out and explore the caves and witness marine and plant life thriving.

Klong Thom Hot Springs - Located in a jungle setting near the Nature Reserve of Khao Prabang Khram you will find the Klong Thom hot springs.  Naturally heated by underground volcanic chambers, these tranquil springs are said to have healing properties.

Crystal Lagoon - Take a trip into a hidden tropical paradise with a visit to the Crystal Lagoon.  A tranquil turquoise blue lagoon awaits you, surrounded by hot springs and the Thung Teao waterfall.

Jungle Treks – Krabi has a vast jungle of luscious green trees, rivers and tropical flora the begs to be explored. Regular expeditions into he wilderness can be found where you can enjoy the sights of Krabi from the back if an Elephant.

Island Hopping Tours – Over 200 small islands lie off the coast surrounding Krabi.  With each having beautiful beaches and scenery, it is a perfect reason for visiting.  Hire a long boat and explore these hidden paradises.