Nha Trang is becoming ever more popular with tourists due to it's miles of beach, and friendly small town atmosphere. Ranking among Vietnam's top beaches, and with small islands and corals, Nha Trang has something for everyone.


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Long Son Pagoda – Long Son pagoda is a beautiful Buddhist temple created in the early 1900s.  The highlight of the Temple complex is the 24 metre marble Buddha, surrounded by intricate carvings of monks.

Long Thanh Photo Studio – The photographic studio of a local photographer who’s exhibits of Vietnamese life have been seen around the world. Experience life inVietnam through the Long Thanh’s images.

Po Nagar Cham Towers – One of the few remaining landmarks of the Cham people, the Po Ngar Cham Towers are located on a hilltop overlooking the sea.  Only 3 of the 10 towers that made up this temple complex remain, but their skilled architecture makes for an inviting attraction.

Alexandre Yersin Museum – A museum dedicated to the French medical pioneer that is highly revered in Vietnam. Yersin’s years of research into bacteria, agriculture and weather, was of great benefit to Vietnam, and much of his work is on display at the museum.

The National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam – Fans of the wonders of the depths will enjoy a visit to the Oceanographic museum.  Display of Vietnam’s oceanographic history, full sixe whale models and skeletons, live leopard sharks and more, make for an interesting day.

Salanganes Island -  Take a trip to the nearby Salanganes Island and explore the caves and lush green landscapes that make up this small island.  The island is frequented by the Salangane or Swift, who’s nests are considered a delicacy and you can witness the workers as they harvest the nests from treetops and high cliffs.  You can also swim offshore and see clearly the coral reefs and vibrant marine life.

Nha Trang Cathedral – A beautiful Cathedral structure that is the centre of worship for the Christian community.  Tourists are welcome to view the magnificent interior as long as no services are taking place.

Xom Bong Bridge – A walk along the Xom Bong Bridge leads to the Po Ngar Cham towers, but as you pass, you can look across the bay and see the scale of Nha Trangs fishing industry.

Na Phu Bay -  One of the most popular holiday excursions is to Na Phu Bay.  Tours depart from Nha Trang to this stunning bay of natural flora and fauna, running streams and waterfalls.  Enjoy a series of activities in this picturesque area, including kayaking and Ostrich riding.

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Vinpearl Water Park and Aquarium – Jump on one of the worlds longest cable car runs and enjoy the spectacular views as you head over to Bamboo Island for a day at Vinpearl Water Park & Aquarium.  Home to an array of fun pools, games and epic water slides alongside an aquarium of colourful marine life.

Boat Cruises – The clear waters and 71 neighbouring islands to Nha Trang play host to many a cruise.  Days out on the ocean are commonplace and feature party cruises, fishing trips and snorkeling.

Diving & Snorkeling – Explore the hidden depths around Nha Trang.  Several dice centres offer help and tuition for all levels of diver and the ocean offers an abundance of life to see. For the less confident, there is still plenty to be seen closer to shore with excellent spots for snorkelers.

Nha Trang Bike Tour – Explore Nha Trang at a leisurely pace with a bike tour.  Pedal your way around the city and see many of the sights and attractions that Nha Trang is famous for.

Mud Baths – The minerals in the mud baths at Thap Ba hot springs are great for the skin.  Let it dry, then wash it off in the mineral-rich hot spring waters. An enjoyable and therapeutic day out in tropical surroundings.

Sailing – Rent out a yacht and explore the islands surrounding Nha Trang at your own pace.  A great way to see more of Vietnam during your Nha Trang holiday.

Shopping – Vietnam is known for producing traditional clothing and accessories from silks and bamboo alongside a wealth of carvings and handicrafts that make the perfect souvenir.  Barter with traders at Nha Trangs market stalls and shops and find many mementos to take away, including the iconic Vietnamese conical hats.

Cooking Classes – Take away some of the skills and inspirations of Vietnamese cuisine with a cookery course and share your Nha Trang holiday experience with friends and family back home.

Water Sports – Nha Trangs beaches are host to a number of exciting and adrenaline charged watersports.  From leisurely activities like snorkeling and kayaking to more fast paced sports like jetskiing and waterskiing, you will not be short of fun-fulled holiday activities.

Spa – When in such beautiful and serene surroundings, relaxing and rejuvenating is an easy task.  A trip to the orchid spa can only aid the natural rejuvenation process with a series of luxurious treatments and massages using the finest natural ingredients.