A blissfully secluded island inhabited by just guests and staff of the private resorts and lavish estates dotted along the coastline, Pangkor Laut Island is a wonderfully virginal area of natural beauty.


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Cruises – Board one of the luxury yachts and take a leisurely cruise round the beautiful island.  Take in the amazing scenery and soak up the sun whilst cruising around the island.  For a more romantic experience, Sunset cruises are also available.

Island Excursions – Hop on a boat and make your way over to the neighbouring Pangkor Island, where the tour guides will show you around some of the islands historic sights and attractions.

Jungle Treks – Take a guided tour through the jungles on Pangkor Laut and see spectacular display of wildlife and landscapes in a rainforest estimated to be over 2 million years old.

Snorkelling -  Swim in the clear warm waters and glance at some of the amazing marine life that lives around the island.  The bright coloured fish and other ocean dwelling critters make snorkeling a fun holiday activity.


Fishing -  Enjoy a serene boat trip off the coast of Pangkor Laut and relax with a spot of fishing.  The abundant marine life and excellent weather are perfect conditions for a day at sea

Watersports – A range of fun water-based activities can also be found at Pangkor Laut Island. Enjoy kayaking, wakeboarding, waterskiing and catamaran sailing.

Cookery Classes – A visit to The Chef’s Kitchen will leave you with a souvenir to share with friends and family.  Learn to prepare some Asian specialties as top chefs share their secrets with you.

Golf – The nearby Damai Laut Golf & Country Club features an 18 hole golf course that should be perfect for the Golf enthusiasts.

Yoga & Tai Chi Quan – Experience a system of therapeutic breathing, postural and movement exercises with a Tai Chi Quan or Yoga class.

Jogging – Keep fit and see the islands beautiful landscapes with a jog along the special jogging trails.

Batik Hut – Visit the Batik Hut to purchase Batik painted clothing and bags, created by the local craftsmen. Painting classes can also be taken.