Connected to the Malaysian mainland via the Penang Bridge, Penang may be one of the smaller Malay Islands, but it is easy to understand why it remains one of the most popular with tourists.


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Penang Khoo Khongsi – Designed as a Clanhouse for the Chinese Khoo family in Penang, this beautiful structure is bathed in traditional Chinese architecture, coloured in golds and reds and decorated with ornate carvings.

Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram -  Built in 1845, this Thai temple is home to the Giant Reclining Bhudda.  Measuring approx 33 metres, it is one of the largest of its kind and a must see on any Penang holiday.

Penang Hill - Rising over 800m above sea level, Penang Hill is one of the more popular tourist hotspots in Penang, due to the magnificent panoramic views that can be found from the top.  Take the train up and explore the temples and mosques before settling down for a meal at the restaurant.

Kek Lok Si Temple -  One of South East Asia’s largest Bhuddist temple complexes, keke Lok Si consists of a series of Temples,  Bhudda statues and  a seven tiered pagoda amongst beautiful gardens. All intricately designed and created with Thai, Burmese and Chinese influence.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion – A well preserved and restored mansion that highlights the skills and intricacy of 18th and 19th Century Chinese Architecture. The Cheong Fatt Tze mansion is one of only three of its kind remaining outside China.

Fort Cornwallis – named for the former Governor general of India, Charles Cornwallis, this historic fort is worthy of a visit.  Home to many historic artifacts, cannons and galleries, it is a must see for the those interested in Penang’s history.

The Penang National Park - Witness the spectacular displays of nature and wildlife at the Penang National Park.  Home to many rare birds and popular with migrating water birds due to its wetlands and mangroves.

Tropical Spice Garden – A myriad of exotic gardens containing a host of vivid tropical flora.  Take to one of the garden trails and explore thee natural beauty all in one place, then see the gardens history at the Spice museum and café.

Tropical Fruit Farm – This 25 acre fruit farm is home to 250 kinds of luscious tropical fruits from across the globe.

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Beach Sports – On the hot golden sands of Penang’s beaches, there are many activities that can be enjoyed, from simple pastimes like beach volleyball and Frisbees to racing along the sands on the back of a quad.

Watersports – Action packed watersports are readily available in Penang.  From Jetskiing, parasailing and deep sea fishing, these is much to keep you entertained.

Diving – With such warm, clear waters surrounding Penang, it’s not shock that diving is such a popular holiday activity.  Teeming with vibrant life, the ocean welcomes divers of all levels to explore it’s hidden gems.

Jungle Treks – make your way through the vast jungles of Penang and witness and array of magnificent tropical flora and fauna as you pass.

Golf – Malaysia is a haven for the golf enthusiast.  Penang is home to several internationally acclaimed courses, perfect for a round in the glorious sunshine.

Cultural Events – Thoughout the year, Penang plays host to many displays of heritage and culture, due to it’s multicultural history.  Colourful festivals celebrate Chinese, Malay, Islamic and Buddhist traditions and are well worth a visit.

Butterfly Farm – Nature lovers will be enamoured with the 120 species of Butterflies on display at the Penang Butterfly Farm.  Over 4000 of the brightly coloured flying insects fly freely around this man made habitat of beautiful plant life.

War Museum – Built as a memorial of the fall of the British army at the hands of the Japanese, the museum contains many images and artifacts from this period in Penang history.

Penang Museum & Art Gallery – A great stop for those interested in the history of Penang, here you will find an array of images, maps, charts and artifacts from Penang’s past

Shopping – Home to an array of shops, night markets and modern malls, you can find clothing, luxury goods and Penang holiday souvenirs.