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Mu Ko Surin National Marine Park – home to lush tropical landscapes, serene ocean waters and an abundance of wildlife, the Mu Ko Surin National Marine Park covers five small islands in the Andaman Sea, just North West of Khao Lak.  Popular among tourists as hiking and snorkeling hotspots.

Ton Patiwat Wildlife Preservation Centre – An expansive area covering a section of a forest with brooks and small waterfalls and home to an array of wildlife. A must see on a holiday in Khao Lak, with jungle tours and elephant treks available.

Khao Sok National Park  -  Enjoy Elephant treks, jungle tours, bamboo rafting and a host of activities on a visit to Khao Sok National Park, located on the island of Khao Lak. 

Maya Bay – A much visited island when holidaying in Phi Phi is Maya Bay.  Located on Phi Phi Ley, maya Bay was the setting for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie ‘The Beach’. Many tours are available that visit Maya Bay.

Bamboo Island – For the ultimate in tropical paradise, a trip to Bamboo Island cannot be beaten.  Away from the tourist appeal of the other Thai islands, Bamboo Island is an uninhabited tropical island of pristine beaches and lush tropical flora.  A must see.

Hot Springs – Khao Lak is home to two popular hot springs. Located ay Kapong and Ban Bo Dan, the hot springs are visited regularly with tourists wishing to benefit from the rejuvenating properties of the warm spring pools.

Beaches – For beach holidays, Thailand has plenty to offer, and there are some hidden gems amongst the smaller resorts. Koh Yao is home to several beaches, each with it’s own appeal.  From golden sands to rocky outcrops to tropical scenery, Koh Yao’s beaches have it all covered.

Viking Cave – A visit to Phi Phi Ley will take you to the popular Viking Cave. In a cave over 3 sqkm in size, the walls feature drawings of Viking Ships dated at approximately 100 years old.  Ther area is also popular for rock climbing.

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Snorkelling – Snorkelling as a popular activity with tourists due to the many shallow reefs that line the likes of Phi Phi and Koh Samet.  Explore the multicoloured fish and other sea creatures in the warm Thai waters or head further out with a boat excursion.

Kayaking – All of these serene Thai hideaway are surrounded by warm waters and filles with snaking rivers.  Hire a Kayak and explore the islands at your own pace, see beautiful scenery and an abundance of sea faring wildlife.

Game Fishing – The warm waters of the Andaman sea features excellent conditions for a spot of fishing. Game fishing is popular off the coast of Phi Phi, where ther waters are teeming with Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish and more.

Rock Climbing -  Around the Thai islands, the diverse landscapes have made rock climbing a popular activity.  A range of climbs can be found across Phi Phi island for all skilled and novice climbers, along with tuition and equipment hire from rock climbing specialists.

Water Sports – From snorkeling around Koh Phi Phi to jets skiing and windsurfing on Koh Yao, there are a range of adrenaline charged and fun water sports to be found. With such great waters around Thailand, it’s no surprise that they are such a popular holiday activity.

The Mermaid Statue, Koh Samet – Between Ao Phai and Hat Sai Kaew, there is a statue of A Mermaid and Prince Aphai Mani, characters from popular Thai poem where the mermaid saved the Prince and takes him to Koh Samet.

Boat Trips – The coastline of Thailand is home to many small islands. From Koh Samet, you can visit Plai Tin, Kruai and Kudi from the comfort of one of the chartered boats. Book a Thai boat trip and spend the day exploring the coastline.

Spa & Wellness Centres – As with many Thai holiday destinations, Spas and health centres can be frequently found across the smaller islands.  When enjoying holidays in Koh Yao, Phi Phi of Koh Kradan, why not indulge in a host of therapies including massage, body scrubs, saunas and even yoga, for the ultimate in relaxation.

Diving – Experience the underwater kingdom of the Andaman Sea with a specialist dive tour.  Many of these popular resorts and small islands offer dive trips, encouraging beginners and welcoming advanced divers to explore the ocean depths.

Bikes – Explore your chosen Thai hideaway with a cycle or motorcycle tour.  Rent a bike, take off along the streets of Koh Samet or Koh Yao and explore these hidden gems at your own pace.