Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and is a small and bustling city. On the confluence of the Tonle Sap, Mekong and Bassac rivers it is a growing tourist attraction.


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Choeung Ek Execution Area – A Memorial built in 1988 containing 8000 skulls from one of the many mass execution pits of the Khmer Rouge. Annual services are held here in memorial of the estimated 1.7 million who died during the genocide.

Independence Monument – Built to commemorate the end of the French rule in 1953, this beautiful structure is a must see tourist attraction.

National Museum of History - A Khmer style building erected in 1920, is home to an array of sculptures, statues and artifacts from the Angkor era of Cambodian history.  The building itself is worthy of note and built by a French architect

Phnom Tamao Zoo – A vast expanse of land located outside Phnom Penh is the Phnom Tamao Zoo.  With much of the land reserved for future developments, the 80 hectares that is currently occupied is home to rare and endangered animals including tigers, lions, deer, bears, peacocks, herons, crocodiles and turtles.

Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda – Home to the King of Cambodia, the Royal Palace is a must see attraction. Intricate architecture and design have gone into this opulent building of gold and white, built in 1866.  The grounds are also home to the Silver Pagoda. A Wooden structure built at the same time as the palace, but solid silver tiles were added to the floor in 1962 giving it its name.

Tuol Sleng Museum – A museum created from the former Khmer Rouge torture & interrogation centre. Opened in 1980 as a memorial to the victims of the Genocide, with items and photographs on display. 

Wat Ounalom - A shrine built in 1443 to house a sacred hair from the Buddha. This beautiful temple complex is worthy of a visit and is opulently coloured in bronze, gold and white, with many intricate details decorating its walls.

Wat Phnom - The red and gold colours of the building and its statues stand out against the lush greenery that surrounds this fascinating structure. Used as a temple for prayer and meditation, Wat Phnom is a prominent symbol if the city.

Oudong – A town built on the mountain Phnom Ouding is the ancient town of Oudong.  The former capital is home to ruins of 17th century architecture.

Sisowath Quay – Enjoy a walk along the Tonle Sap River at Sisowath Quay.  A stroll along this beautiful riverside promenade is highlighted by shopping opportunities and many cultural sights nearby.

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Amusement Park – A small amusement park featuring a rollercoaster, skating area and more.  A great spot for a bit of fun and to see the locals going about their day-to-day lives.

Dance and Performing Arts – There are a few areas in Phnom Penh where you can catch some of the traditional dance and theatrical performance of Cambodia.  Experience traditional folk and mask dances, shadow puppetry and more.

Cookery Class – Learn some of the tip and tricks of traditional Khmer cuisine for a great holiday souvenir.  A cookery course in Phnom Penh will allow you to learn Khmer cooking ingredients and flavourings dating back over 1000 years.

Golf – Still a relatively new sport to Cambodia, Phnom Penh is home to 2 luxury courses. Enjoy 18 holes of golf in a beautiful setting.

Kambol F1 Go-Karts – Enjoy a few laps of the F1 style Go-kart circuit at Kambol.  Open to beginners and more experienced racers for a day of super-charged Go-Kart racing.

Artisans’ Association of Cambodia – Selling handmade clothing, jewelry and decoration to raise money for homeless, injured and sick children.  With items from over 40 of Cambodia’s handicraft groups, this is a great spot to grab a souvenir of your holiday in Phnom Penh.

Blazing Trails – Explore Phnom Penh from the back of a quad.  Take to one of the trails and explore many of the sights and attractions of the region on a quad bike tour, where experienced guides with take you through popular tourist hotspots and the hidden gems of Phnom Penh.

Spa Facilities – Experience a wealth of rejuvenating wellness therapies at one of Phnom Penh’s luxurious spa facilities.  Enjoy massages, body wraps and scrubs and saunas to a range of treatments using the finest natural ingredients in a tranquil setting.

Markets – The Main areas for market shopping in Phnom Penh are Central Market, Olympic market and the Russian Market. Popular destinations for a holiday souvenir, jewellery, clothing, electrical goods, miniature statues and textiles amongst other trinkets.

Scuba Diving – Take a tour from Phnom Penh to one of Cambodia’s serene dive sites.  Qualified dive instructors are available to guide divers of all levels of skill around some of the underwater kingdoms stunning natural attractions.